At Tweed Guitars we continue to innovate. It starts with our patented design, which allows for unique features not typically found on other guitars.  The geometry of the guitar is built on the classic proportions of the golden section, a design practice that is found in many other great artists' work like Leonardo da Vinci and Jules Cheret. The unity of the design is maintained by following an inscribed triangle that defines the size and shape of the instrument .  Like a woman dancing, these design techniques give the guitar a sense of movement.  While beautiful, this design is also functional. Our cutaway is deeper and our neck joint is more spacious than most, allowing one to play higher on the fingerboard with more ease and accuracy.  The design's asymmetry also provides other ergonomic advantages, including an easy reach for the picking hand, making an often bulky jumbo sized guitar extremely comfortable to play. Stay tuned because Tweed Guitars will continue to advance the guitar industry, as our research and development program has other big ideas for the future of guitars.
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