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Our electric guitars have been called futuristic yet classic. The innovative design creates a dynamic and unique look while making a guitar that is easy to play.


Seymore Duncan Pickups (Humbucker / Single Coil / Humbucker)

22 Frets

25-1/2” Scale Length

1-11/16” Nut Width

Tweed Pickguard TM

Increased Access to High Octaves

Eric and guitar
guitar on stone
Back Cutaway
Our Story


We design and produce artisan guitars. Craftsmanship and innovative design are key to creating our unique guitars which are made right here in America. The Tweed brothers have been hand making acoustic, hollow body and electric guitars for over 15 years, and are proud to have started this company to bring their guitars to others.

Eric is an accomplished musician, with several albums and countless gigs. He knows what is important to making a playable guitar. Working with Michael, who is a professional designer, architect and educator they build guitars with classic proportions that look dynamic and seem to dance with the music being played.



At Tweed Guitars we continue to innovate with our designs. The geometry of the guitar is built with the classic proportions of the golden section and a harmonic grid. With these techniques, plus the sophisticated use of asymmetry the guitar feels as if it is the movement of a dancer.  

While beautiful, this design is also functional.  The design's asymmetry also provides ergonomic advantages, including an easy reach for the picking hand, making for a guitar that is comfortable to play. We also pay attention to the cutaway allowing for a spacious design that allows one to play high on the fingerboard with ease and accuracy.

Stay tuned because Tweed Guitars will continue to advance the guitar industry, as our research and development program has other big ideas for the future of guitars.



As a small American company, our guitars are only made in small runs. Our online retailer is Reverb where you can find our current stock. Click the link below to see our current invitory.



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